Training & Development


Training and Development

Training provided, will be based on specific needs of individual companies and institutions.

Human Resource Development

Are you preparing tomorrow's workforce?
Failure to develop an appropriately trained workforce is likely to have deleterious consequences such as lack of efficiency, costly complaints and poor image, which can affect the whole organization. HRD is indeed an important facilitator in organizational change through organizational and individual learning. It is not an end in itself; rather an essential element of the strategic process by which an organization achieves its objectives.
Joachim & Associates will fulfill your strategic goals by offering training and development that is based on careful analysis of your organization’s present and future needs through rigorous Needs Analysis at the organizational level, the occupational level and at the individual level. Our planned interventions will strive for the "best fit" consistent with the learning objectives, organization policy, the learner’s preference and the resources available.
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