Human Resource


Performance Measurement and Management

Are you getting the most from your employees? Are you interested in performance management or managing performance?

Joachim and Associates experts understand the distinction between performance management and managing performance – one is a motivator while the other is disciplinary. We at Joachim and Associates have the ability to quickly assess current and historical performance in order to differentiate both. We also understand that this process is critical to meeting organizational goals.

Unlocking the full value of organization workforce enables you to put the right people in the right jobs, develop and reward top performers, retain key talent for the long-term; increasing efficiency and operating performance throughout the organization.

Joachim and Associates will work with your organization to establish performance management systems and tools that will contribute to organizational success through the development of a performance driven culture that rewards those who achieve desired results and corrects performance deficiencies.

Performance management systems encompass much more than the means to conduct routine performance appraisals. Discover from our team of experts at J&A how to leverage the right talent throughout your organization in maximizing competitiveness and creating a more business - high performance culture.

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