Human Resources


Human Resource Audits

How is your HR function doing? How do you know?

An objective, independent assessment conducted by Joachim & Associates is the best way to find out – the best first step to building better HR - is a comprehensive audit. Joachim & Associates will analyze and evaluate the role of your HR function and its contribution to the organization. It will also assess your company’s regulatory compliance.

Having the audit conducted by external consultants like Joachim & Associates, fewer biases about the organization and less personal interest in the outcome would occur than with an employee of the company performing the audit. As external consultants, we will be more objective and within weeks, Joachim & Associates will provide a complete 3D picture of your HR function and all your people management policies.

Our audit function is beyond mere accountability; it is a proactive, diagnostic tool, objectively designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of businesses wide HR practices, helping the company mitigate risk factors. J&A audit will help you determine where you are, prioritize what you have to do, and guide on how to know for certain whether or not you have looked at the right issues.

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