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Human Capital Strategy

Do you have a Human Capital Strategy? Or do you just have a series of policies? Is it aligned with your business strategy?

Joachim & Associates recognizes that a human capital strategy, the people side of business design which often drives business results, is critical in providing a road map for organizations. However, the development of an HR strategy needs to start with your business strategy which invariably focuses on key indicators such as: return on capital (ROC), operating profits and share capital if applicable.

How can an HR strategy prepared by Joachim & Associates effect on the firm performance in terms of the above indicators? Simply put – it is likely to shape the human capital base in terms of recruitment and selection of the right people, with the right competencies, as well as training and development. It is likely to influence the degree to which the firm can maximize its human capital base in terms of employee motivation to stay with the firm and perform. It is likely to have an impact on the firm performance by influencing the degree to which talented and motivated people are provided with the job-related opportunities and discretion to contribute. Moreover, HR strategies developed by J&A may provide the stable infrastructure "structural cohesion" or synergy that propels the firm forward allowing it to rapidly and effectively respond to change.

Joachim and Associates, through effective measurement techniques, HR system models and Business Process Solutions will ensure that your firm does not have a series of personnel policies only; rather an HR strategy that is uniquely tailored and measures people’s effects on business performance.

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