Human Resources


Compensation and Benefits Development

Do you optimize costs and value to employees? Are you leveraging pay to deliver value?

While factors such as growth and development opportunities, positive relationships with managers, the nature of work performed, and respect for the organization and its values play an important role in retaining employees, a primary factor is a very important driver of retention – hard, cold cash - money makes matters better or worse - hence the need to optimize costs and value. That being said, employee benefits are an increasingly important and complex segment of an organization's compensation portfolio. Joachim and Associates will offer access to the latest information relating to employee benefits that will help you make better decisions and maximize your benefit choices

We will examine every element of your employee’s performance and potential based on their personal value in the marketplace based on their skills, competencies and expertise. And, we will help you identify steps and will prepare a compensation and benefits system that is not bland or homogenized and treats peak performers and average performers virtually the same.

Joachim & Associates compensation models will allow your employees to seize opportunities and complete projects that were never conceived in the goal – setting process, leveraging appropriate compensation and benefits to deliver value to your organization.

Not all organizations are suitable for pay-for-performance systems; others cannot continue with a tenure-based system. Still, some existing compensation systems are deemed unethical. Joachim & Associates will design an effective compensation and benefit system to suit each particular need, with strategies and programmes that meet both organizational needs as well as employee needs.

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